Bonus - Antiquated Sagecraft & Spellwards - Part 1

D'harek Vusk is the hulking blonde embodiment of human-fighter privilege.

Babylon Goodbarrel is an incredibly drunk halfling wizard who knows surprisingly little about magic.

This is their story.

Nun of the Above - Part 5

Brian Russell keeps being a pain in the ass while the boys and Joan-Marie struggle to save his dumb life.

Nun of the Above - Part 4

Whoever is after Snake and Oil has messed with the wrong junkyard dogs.

Nun of the Above - Part 3

The DFWTF's undercover finest come up with the finest of plans. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Nun of the Above - Part 2

Kip and Trevor struggle to protect their valuable criminal from the mysterious fore of well-equipped thugs.

Nun of the Above - Part 1

In order to protect a valuable asset, Kip and Trevor undertake their most dangerous assignment yet.

Bonus Song - Ski Surfer Girl

Ski Surfer Girl by The Lake Boys

Table Talk - Skin Pact

In our most impressively skippable episode of Table Talk yet, we discuss tattoos, The Thing, and play some seriously drunk voicemails.

Hard Contact - Part 7

Kip, Trevor, and BluRay dive deep into the unknown horrors of Lake Dallas.

Hard Contact - Part 6

Things take an exciting "twist" when Kip, Trevor, and BluRay explore the mysterious submarine.

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