Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts

Table Talk - No Hands

Bill and Dani join us to discuss The Crimes of Puzzlo, having unique podcasts, and the amazing secret to our professional podcasting-voices.

The Crimes of Puzzlo - Part 6

Can the DFWAFPP solve the ultimate puzzle of figuring out who Puzzlo is? And maybe can they also stop him? Find out in this week's sexy ass episode.

The Crimes of Puzzlo - Part 5

Jim Rubik an Shauna Peacemaker watch in horror as Kip and Trevor are forced to use brains over brawn.

The Crimes of Puzzlo - Part 4

DFW's finest and their AFPP friends put the pedal to the metal as they try to catch the crafty Puzzlo before he can puzzle again.

The Crimes of Puzzlo - Part 3

In this very special episode, the DFWTFAFPP Task Force gives loot to noobs (for justice).

The Crimes of Puzzlo - Part 2

The DFWTF agents and their new friends from the AFPP get nasty on crime.

The Crimes of Puzzlo - Part 1

Kip and Trevor’s vacation plans are cut short by a quizzical criminal’s machinations (and Tim is there).

Party with the Pope

Party with the Pope by Religious Tendencies

Podium Bomb

Podium Bomb by Billy Dee Trillions featuring DJ FuckNutz

Table Talk - Thanks-4-2

We discuss Blown Apart, answer listener questions, and streamline your process by combining 16-4-2 and Thanksgiving with your family (or the Duchovnys).

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