Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts

Bonus Song - Worthless Soul

Worthless Soul by Death Matthews

Table Talk - Muscle Boy

This very skippable episode was almost called "The Ballad of Smart Jared" but then Muscle Boy won all of our hearts.

R.A.D. - Part 6

It’s Trevor, Kip, and Ramis to the rescue, when R.A.D. turns DFW’s shopping district into a demolition derby.

R.A.D. - Part 5

Does the DFWTF have what it takes to stop artificially intelligent supercar R.A.D., or will they get exhaust-ed?

R.A.D. - Part 4

The hunt for R.A.D. is stalled while Kip, Trevor, Ramis, and Steve put in some much needed work on the van.

R.A.D. - Part 3

Kip and Trevor teach Ramis an important lesson about the difference between fucking up, and fucking UP.

R.A.D. - Part 2

When Ramis and the boys find themselves on thin ice after the loss of an expensive robot car, they decide to buckle down and get RAD.

R.A.D. - Part 1

Kip and Trevor are driven to succeed when they put the pedal to the metal and kick their policing into high gear.

Bonus Song - The Australian National Anthem

The Australian National Anthem performed by the Crikey Dingo Philharmonic

Table Talk - No Hands

Bill and Dani join us to discuss The Crimes of Puzzlo, having unique podcasts, and the amazing secret to our professional podcasting-voices.

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