The Crimes of Puzzlo - Part 1

Kip and Trevor’s vacation plans are cut short by a quizzical criminal’s machinations (and Tim is there).

Bonus Song - Party with the Pope

Party with the Pope by Religious Tendencies

Bonus Song - Podium Bomb

Podium Bomb by Billy Dee Trillions featuring DJ FuckNutz

Table Talk - Thanks-4-2

We discuss Blown Apart, answer listener questions, and streamline your process by combining 16-4-2 and Thanksgiving with your family (or the Duchovnys).

Blown Apart - Part 6

Things blow apart.

Blown Apart - Part 5

A warehouse full of crime calls for a duo of duos of justice.

Blown Apart - Part 4

Harvel, Steel, and Simpkins discuss the merits of artistic license with local celebrity/rapper Billy Dee Trillions.

Bonus Song - Hours Did Pass

Dungeons & Dragons they played

Undead witch-ice heads were slain

Dice they did cast

Hours did pass

Dungeons & Dragons they played

Check the rulebook to make sure

Your question is very obscure

We can't just roll dice

And say that it's right

Check the rulebook to make sure

Table Talk - Whitt Talk vs Jared Boys

We discuss Antiquated Sagecraft & Spellwards while sampling delectable treats from a faraway land.

Bonus - Antiquated Sagecraft & Spellwards - Part 5

D'harek Vusk is the hulking blonde embodiment of human-fighter privilege.

Babylon Goodbarrel is an incredibly drunk halfling wizard who knows surprisingly little about magic.

This is their story.

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