Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts

Steelver Spoon - Part 3

The reign of Steel Force begins.

Steelver Spoon - Part 2

Trevor’s Daddy proposes an alternative to baby money.

Steelver Spoon - Part 1

When a sting goes south, special detectives Steel and Simpkins cannonball into action.

Gil's Earth-Like Space Bar

Gil's Earth-Like Space Bar by Gloktor

Table Talk - Search Results

This episode is so skippable that we almost skipped writing this description!





Hard Path to Gavel - Part 6

Justice comes served by Kip and Trevor on a veggie platter.

Hard Path to Gavel - Part 4

Kip, Trevor, and Captain Murray receive an invitation to a roo-mantic dinner for four.

Hard Path to Gavel - Part 3

In the DFW, crime doesn’t take a break for gelato.

Hard Path to Gavel - Part 2

When the Task Force falls on hard times, what won’t Trevor Steel resort to?

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