Nun of the Above - Part 1

In order to protect a valuable asset, Kip and Trevor undertake their most dangerous assignment yet.

Bonus Song - Ski Surfer Girl

Ski Surfer Girl by The Lake Boys

Table Talk - Skin Pact

In our most impressively skippable episode of Table Talk yet, we discuss tattoos, The Thing, and play some seriously drunk voicemails.

Hard Contact - Part 7

Kip, Trevor, and BluRay dive deep into the unknown horrors of Lake Dallas.

Hard Contact - Part 6

Things take an exciting "twist" when Kip, Trevor, and BluRay explore the mysterious submarine.

Hard Contact - Part 5

The FBI sends the boys on a fool's errand that turns out to be a very important justice-errand for DFW's finest fools.

Hard Contact - Part 4

Kip, Trevor, and BluRay strap up, strip down, and prove they don't monkey around when it comes to gorilla warfare.

Hard Contact - Part 3

When the body of a chimpanzee washes up on the shores of Lake Dallas, it’s up to Steel and Simpkins to peel this filthy crime banana.

Hard Contact - Part 2

When strange sightings have been reported at Lake Dallas, Steel and Simpkins are brought in to assist the FBI in their investigation. Trevor tries to impress his old partner, BluRay gets in some surf-time, and Kip tries to keep track of his bottoms.

Hard Contact - Part 1

Things are heating up in DFW while the chili is going down. And like chili, crime comes in many bold and spicy flavors.

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